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Products & Services
Engineering Services
Engineering Services

The complex and challenging demands on power and other industrial sectors require
them to maintain high-performing operating environments that are reliable, secure,
efficient and cost-effective. MATRIX POWER provides these sectors specialized
technical and domain expertise to supplement their staff resources and expand their
capabilities. We support every phase of the engineering lifecycle – from design and
development to testing, simulation and implementation.

Our services range from general project scoping to specialist advice. Some of our key
competencies are as follows:

•   Project development and scope
•   Site selection
•   Conceptual design
•   Feasibilities studies
•   Detailed engineering
•   Procurement and contract administration services
•   Project management
•   Owner’s engineer
•   Independent consulting engineers
•   Due diligence of power generation assets
•   Documentation and layout drawings
•   Civil and Structural Engineering
•   Redesign and Detailed Engineering Services
•   Torsional Analysis
•   Power plant performance assessment and audit
•   Plant design and process optimization
•   Power plant operational issues
•   Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Mechanical Engineering
•   Waste Heat Recovery Systems
•   Heat Exchangers Calculation
•   Design of Storage Tanks
•   Solid Fuel Handling Systems
•   Liquid Fuel Handling System
•   Solid Fuel Firing Systems
•   Liquid Fuel Firing System
•   Design of Ducting, Tanks and Chimneys
•   Design of Piping Systems
•   Stress Analysis
Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering
•   Instrumentation Systems including PLC and DCS
•   Design & System Engineering of Electrical Systems including
SLD, Plant Earthing, P&IDs, Switchyard, Synchronization
and Power Evacuation
•   Load Flow Studies
•   Transient Stability
•   Fault Level Analysis
•   Harmonic Analysis

Project Management
•   Resource Mobilization
•   Project Planning and Scheduling
•   Project Engineering Coordination and Review
•   Progress Reporting
•   Coordination with the Sub vendors
•   Training

Construction Management
•   Inspection at Construction Site
•   Review of Quality Plans and Quality Surveillance  
•   Procurement Assistance
•   Construction Supervision
•   Commissioning Assistance
•   Performance Testing

•   Review of Manufacturing Quality Plans
•   Review of Test Procedures
•   Witness of the Statutory Tests
•   Witness of Routine Tests
•   Witness of Performance Tests
•   Review of the Test Results
•   Suggesting Rectification   

Power System Analysis
•   Load Flow Studies
•   Fault Level Analysis
•   Relay Coordination
•   Harmonic Analysis and Filter Design
•   Transient Studies
•   Contingency Analysis
•   Islanding Studies
•   Geographic Information Map
•   Switching Optimizing
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