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MATRIX POWER can both source and incorporate all types of power plant equipment for our client's needs
including brand new, unused surplus, remanufactured, overhauled or used power generating equipment,

.  Industrial Combustion Turbine Generating Units (GTG) using Natural Gas, HFO and/or Diesel fuel in
simple-cycle or combined-cycle
.  Aero-derivative Turbine Generating Units using Natural Gas and/or Diesel fuel in simple-cycle or Sprint
.  Steam Turbine Generating (STG) Systems
.  Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)
.  Boilers for power generation using a wide variety of fuels
.  Waste-to-Energy Systems
.  Bio-Mass Power Generating Systems
.  Cogeneration Systems
.  Reciprocating Engine Generating Units at Medium Speed fueled by Diesel No. 2 (D-2), Heavy Fuel Oil
(HFO) or Natural Gas
.  Reciprocating High-Speed Gen-Sets fueled by Diesel, Natural Gas or Bi-Fuel (Natural Gas with Diesel
as a pilot fuel)
.  Wind Power Systems
.  Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic Power Generating Systems
.  Hydroelectric Power Systems
.  Gears and Gearboxes
.  Electricals – LT and HT Switch yard, Transformers, Instrumentation, PLC/ SCADA/ DCS, etc.
.  Plant Automation
.  Cabling,  Busbars, Piping and associated equipment
.  Equipment for any process/industrial plants (Sugar, Paper, Steel, Chemical, Fertilizer, Refinery, Petro
Chemical, Food, Textile, etc.)
.  Equipment for Waste Water Treatment plants

MATRIX POWER has engineering consultancy services from project concept to erection and
commissioning supervision. MPI also helps to reduce the development cost, implementation risk
and time-to-market associated with the projects.
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