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System Engineering
Design and Services
· Thermal Power Plants
· Diesel / HFO based Power Plants
· Gas / Combined Cycle Power Plants
· Non-Conventional Energy based Power Plants
· Process Plant Design

Engineering Services
· Rotating/Reciprocating Machines
· Field Services
· Equipment Inspection
· Dismantling & Shipping Specifications
· Re-Engineering
· Thermodynamic Modeling
· System Engineering for Balance of Plant
· Enterprise Integral Solutions
· Equipment Selection

Project Management
· Feasibility Studies
· Project Inspection/Evaluation
· Bid Preparation
· Scheduling/Planning
· Budgeting
· Procurement Services
· Project Reviews/ Follow-up
· Environmental Studies
· Contract Administration
· Complete Due Diligence
· Field Services

Software Solutions
· Software Development
· Testing and Quality Assurance
· Back-Office Business Processing
· Information Technology
About Us

MATRIX POWER is a professional managed engineering company based in Chicago, IL USA with expertise
in detailed Design and Engineering and Consultancy/Owner’s Engineer Services. MPI participates in Gas
Turbines, Steam Turbines, Hydel Turbines, Solar & Wind Turbines, Diesel generators, Natural Gas
generators, Boilers, Co-generation plants, IPPs, CHP plants and related equipment, as well as industrial
machinery for various process industries.

With offices in Chicago (USA) , India and representative offices the world over, our rich diversity of
experience and technological know-how including having close interactions with all major power plant
manufacturers and industry players. MPI is a reliable partner to serve the market as well as your company's
individual needs.
Customer confidence reflects in our references in USA, India, Iraq, Lebanon, UAE, Caribbean, Africa and
many more countries.

MPI assists the client in defining the characteristics of a new as well as existing power plant by compiling
preliminary data through an extensive checklist developed with our expertise in power plant operations.  
We examine all systems and involve the client with options along the way to arrive at an optimized solution
both from technical and economical point of view. The engineering challenges that usually transpire can all
be resolved by working closely with the client as each project is unique as are the goals of every client.

Our professionals have proven capable in the areas of feasibility studies, equipment specification and
overall system design.  In order to support not only the equipment we can specify and source, but to
support our clients as well, all ancillary equipment such as heat exchanger design, gas and steam
generator design & engineering, piping design & engineering, electrical design, instrumentation and control
device(s) design, switch yard design and engineering, project management, procurement services and field
supervision of erection and system commissioning.
"Our Mission is, to delight our client with qualitative, micro-level detailing, providing cost effective solutions
and prompt response."

As mentioned previously, MPI provides a complete array of engineering consultancy services from project
concept to erection and commissioning. Specializing in the field of energy generating to the following
industries is among our strongest of core-competencies.

We specialize in the field of energy generating to the following industries:
•  Power Generating Utilities
•  Independent  and Captive Power Producers
•  Distributed On-Site Power
•  Sugar Mills
•  Cogeneration/ CHP
•  Paper Mills
•  Foodstuff Mills
•  Chemical Plants
•  Hotels/Hospitals
•  Oil and Gas Refining Plants
•  Petro Chemical Plants
•  Mining and Mineral Processing Plants
•  Processing Plants
•  Textile Plants
•  Desalination Plants
•  Water and Wastewater Plants
•  Waste to Energy Plants
•  Bio-Fuel Plants
•  Solar Power Systems
•  Wind Power Farms
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